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HealerPedia is the first trusted site to find top rated Doctors/healers and read real stories of healing from chronic diseases. 

100% FREE for members. Healers can have a free listing for reviews or join as a PRO Healer to promote their events and services.

Reviews are verified by our team to ensure accuracy and truth. Healers cannot review themselves or pay for reviews.

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Do you know an amazing doctor/healers? Review them here! Share why you are recommending them, what makes them special and how they helped or are helping you. Let's together build HealerPedia into the largest free directory of top rated doctor/healers and help others heal quickly. 

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You have the power to heal other simply by sharing your story here. How did you get diagnosed, what helped you and what didn't, what do you recommend to others suffering with your illness? 

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It's so hard to know which healer to trust and which one is right for you. Now you can read real reviews and read stories of healing to find the right healer or multiple healers so you can heal quickly and get back to perfect health!

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Post articles, videos, events and more to connect with patients looking for healing. You can share posts on your experience healing others, research and insights.

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