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Interview with Charlotte Hiller on How She Treated Psoriasis by Shelby Garay

Interview with Charlotte Hiller on How She Treated Psoriasis by Shelby Garay

Article by: Shelby Garay

Since she was 16 years old, and for 42 years, Charlotte Hiller suffered from severe Psoriasis. She had a constant raw rash on her elbows, knees, and back of head, often traversing down her forearms, neck, around her ears, and eyelids. It was very painful and doctors gave her little hope. She was told “we really don’t know what causes it”. She was prescribed cortisone creams that helped in the short-term, but the Psoriasis always returned. She stopped going to the doctor.

Charlotte has been free of Psoriasis for the past 8 years. Her healing journey began 10 years ago, when she totally changed her diet. Throughout her life, Charlotte had always tried to eat healthfully. Her father was a farmer; her family ate from his garden and made their own pickles and fermented foods. However, the SAD diet creeped into her life, as it did for even the most health-conscious. The deception of the low-fat American culture of the past half century took a toll.

Her dietary changes began with taking out dairy and meat for a while, eliminating refined sugar,and eating an all-organic diet. Smoothies with kale, water-base, maca, super fruits, and banana became her morning breakfast staple. Big salads followed for lunch — drizzled with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. A simple dinner consisted of mostly veggies, protein in the form of tempeh and seaweed, soaked beans, brown rice and Kabocha squash.

Charlotte attributes her healing from Psoriasis to the removal of wheat and a gut-healing protocol. She began eating fermented foods that she made herself - kraut, kombucha, and kefir. She read ingredients fastidiously, though boxed foods became scarce in her shopping basket. "Other changes that helped to heal her gut were eating only healthy fats (no high heat oils), steamed veggies and an all-organic Weston A. Price diet, consisting of healthy fats,Vitamins A and D, cod liver oil, nutrient-dense foods, pastured meats, wild fish, organ meats,bone broth, grass fed butter and lard.

Charlotte still doesn’t eat much meat. She prefers raw goat’s milk fermented into kefir,smoothies, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. She also uses essential oils and reduced her toxic burden by changing her skin care products.

Healing her gut and eliminating her Psoriasis didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it occurred over a 3-4 year period. It is hard for Charlotte to pinpoint the exact moment of healing, but says“one day I woke up and it was like - where is it? Even the scars were gone. While it took several years, it seemed to happen quickly to her.

Charlotte said that it really wasn’t difficult for her to make the changes in her diet, because when she makes a decision, she does it. She said “It was almost exciting! I had support.” She likes to focus on adding good foods in, and eventually letting go of the bad, as they eventually get crowded out. Removing foods one by one also helps to determine which food(s) someone may be sensitive to.

Charlotte has been an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach ( for the past 7 years. Shortly after her healing, she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where she studied health coaching and many dietary theories. Charlotte also teaches Pilates and watches her two grandchildren three days a week.

She says she feels more empowered with her health, confident, and a feeling of awe and gratitude for how the body can heal. She is “less afraid, less fearful” about her health.Charlotte said she “uses food and meditation as my medicine.” She is more relaxed about her health and has a lot more energy. She enjoys Pilates, “doesn’t go nuts about cardio”, but enjoys HIIT and working out on an elliptical. She is medication-free and at age 66, feels like she is 25!

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