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Journeys of the Spirit Retreat

Journeys of the Spirit Retreat

Beautiful Retreat Space in Berkeley, CA
Berkeley, CA, USA

Start Time
09/02/2017 09:00 am
End Time
09/02/2017 4:00 pm
$275 Early Bird Pricing Before August 2nd, $300 Full Cost

Acharya Shunya is a celebrated master teacher and distinguised Vedic lineageholder from India. Her teachings, grounded in the sage wisdom of ancient Vedic texts, will help open you up to new ways of accessing wholeness, inner peace, creativity, freedom and success in your life.

         By taking this retreat, you will have the opportunity to start to:

         Open up to unprecedented new depths in previously negative relationships 

         Experience better connection with money and abundance  

         Have greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

         Chant the ancient Gayatri mantra and other mantras to raise your vibration and heighten your           intuition/connection with a cosmic power and source energy


Join this if you are ready to wake up to your spirit truth, and wish to lead an awakened life. Come if you are you ready to begin living in the moment. Come if you want to connect with a community of beings exploring and celebrating their consciousness by choice.


Come if it is time to turn in and evoke the loving guidance and presence of your own Self.

Retreat also available online via webinar if unable to attend in person.

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Berkeley, CA, USA

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