Menopause and Peri-menopause

Weight Gain, Hot Flashes, Anxiety, Irritability, Hair Loss, Saggy Skin, Low Libido, Pain

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Menopause & Peri-menopause Symptoms

Two simple words that carry quite a one-two punch of fear and dread are Menopause and Peri-menopause! So, what are the symptoms of menopause? It's quite a bag of gag gifts including

  • Weight gain (sigh, especially around the waist)
  • Gas, bloating, indigestion
  • Hot flashes (like sweating in snow)
  • Anxiety or heart palpitations, often for no reason
  • Mood swings (from anger to bawling in 5 seconds flat)
  • Insomnia (waking up at 3am to pee)
  • Hair loss and hair loss and hair loss
  • Skin sagging in various body parts
  • Rashes and acne despite not being a teen
  • Aches and pains in joints I can’t name
  • Fatigue despite sleep

The truth is that if you are 35 years or older and experiencing any of the symptoms above, it could be you are in hormonal rocky road. 

It's a myth that these symptoms manifest at the age of 50 years and older and only in Menopause. 

The truth is that you may start to experience mild version of many of these symptoms as early as 35 years of age and that many of these symptoms can be easily reversed naturally! 

Hormonal Rocky Road

Our mission at HealerPedia is to make YOU aware of what's coming your way in terms of "hormonal rocky road" and equip you with a game plan to thrive rather than suffer. 

This game plan includes:

1. Curated list of Menopause Doctors and healers 

2. Programs like BLOOM90 that help reverse symptoms 

3. Natural remedies via Podcast interviews for hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, gas, bloating, dry skin, hair loss etc

4. Community of other women to help support and inspire you! 

We women are magical creatures with powerful creative energy to create a baby, a whole new human! As Shuniyaji says, "A woman in Menopause can be her most creative expressive self as she can channel all that creation energy from making babies to making world contributions."

Are you ready to be the best you've ever been? To channel that powerful creative energy from baby making to creating something transformational! To be the best version of yourself: strong, healthy and joyous? 

Or are you going to be one of the 20 million women suffering from debilitating symptoms, keeping them from truly enjoying their life?

You have a beautiful bold new life waiting for you, read on to begin your journey to Bloom!

What's Wrong With Me? 

I started experiencing indigestion, moodiness, fatigue and interrupted sleep around 35 years. I went to several doctors looking for answers. Well, some recommended Tums, others said try sleeping pills and yet another suggested I was just getting older and needed anti-depressants. 

I knew something wasn't right and the symptoms kept growing, but no doctor could identify the issue despite a battery of tests. I just wanted to know what was wrong with me so I could begin fixing it and go back to feeling my old vibrant energetic self!

 My Journey To Bloom

Doing research I started connecting dots and forced my gyne to run the FSH test on it. 

Sure enough it came back menopausal. That's when I took charge, changed my diet, fixed my lifestyle, added some herbs, starting meditating, concocted some cooling recipes and came out on the other side stronger.

But not before thinking I was going crazy (could never find my cell phone) or demented (couldn't complete sentences) or needed to see someone for my anger issues (I yelled at a police officer once!)

Not before I lost half my hair and saw strange lines below my eyes (crows feet?) or woke up with rashes and red cheeks (they kept telling me its rosacea).

Well, 6 months and a few minor/major changes later it all went away. What emerged was a whole new woman ready to take on the World, on her terms this time. Going through peri-menopause for about 7 years then menopause for about 1 years and finally reversing the symptoms of menopause in 6 months, I am committed to creating awareness. Over 40 million women are in Menopause, that's a lot of needless suffering, we are here to help. 

What's Menopause mean anyway?

Men + Pause? Stopping of menstruation cycle? 

In 1821 a French physician named de Gardanne first coined the term menopause from the word  “menopausis” which is actually a Greek term but was translated into medical Latin. It literally means month-(from origin of moon) + stop as per this nice explanation.

What's apparently meant to be a beautiful transformational journey is currently identified with a scientific phrase with Greek and Latin roots that literally describes stopping of menstruation. 

Should we let a cold scientific phrase that describes the stopping of menstruation, a marker in our journey, not the journey itself be the label we accept? It certainly doesn't capture the holistic transformation that occurs in a woman's body, mind and soul. It certainly doesn't capture the possibilities and empowerment that come at this stage. 

From Menopause to Bloom

Let's rename this very long stage in our lives to evoke the essence of a Second Coming of Age. 

Because that is what it is. A second coming of age where as a woman you are stronger, more empowered, more creative and more capable than ever before. Gone should be the little girl fears, societal rules, chains of guilt and self doubt. Let's call it a beautiful name that we look forward to being associated with, a name that holds power and possibilities. A name that captures the explosive creative energy available only to us women at this stage, now that we are done harnessing that creative energy for making babies. A name that empowers us to unfold and grow. 

A name like Bloom. 

Bloom signifies peak time and for us women that starts in 40s when we finally come into our own. All those years of experience, sacrifice, learning, giving, all leading to a glorious bloom!  

So, forget Menopause. You're in Bloom!

You have so much to do. Miles to go. Creations to show. 

And wouldn't you rather Bloom than Menopause? 

I started Bloom HealCircle for Women to become aware of what's possibly coming their way, to learn the simple natural remedies to reverse and eliminate those symptoms and to transform into their ultimate bloom, creating and contributing like never before. Most importantly to support and inspire each other as we go through this bonding journey together! 


HealCircle is a tribe where "We Bloom Together." We share our stories, learn from each other and support one another.

Join our HealCircle today for free so we can help you reverse all menopause and peri-menopause symptoms and get back your sanity, sensuality and svelte figure. We aren't going to let a few vagabond hormones ruin this beautiful life for you. We can help you find your Bloom. Beat those nasty symptoms. And be the best you have ever been.

So, read on, join our HealCircle tribe and let us help you be your most magnificent Bloom ever!

With love,

Frequently Asked Questions About Peri-menopause and Menopause


Over 40 million women are currently in menopause just in America. Close to 20 million are in peri-menopause and don't even know it. Over 75% of women in menopause will suffer from hot flashes and over half of those will be debilitating. Don't get caught not knowing the journey ahead. click to read so you can be aware if and when symptoms strike. You'll then know you're not crazy or need anti-depressants, you just need a walk and a cooling smoothie! Click on the links below for each of the top Menopause and Peri-menopause related questions to find trusted and in-depth answers to help you.


My name is Reena and I hope you will join our movement.

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