Posted by Reena Jadhav on 10/10/2017

Detox to Rid Allergies, Weight, Fatigue with Todd Caldecott

Insightful interview with Todd Caldecott, Ayurveda practitioner and teacher on the critical requirements to detox the right way to get back to great health, be allergy free, lose weight, gain energy and live a longer, healthier happier life.


1. Is Dairy bad for us? Why does Ayurveda recommend dairy in its traditional model?

2. Are artificial sweeteners bad for us? What about stevia?

3. Can menopause be managed to be hot flash free? How?

4. How to lose weight if you are in menopause and gaining weight?

5. What is the deal with grains and how to prepare them?

6. How to rid yourself of allergies completely- including herbal recommendations?

7. Which is safer Chlorella or Spirulina and what are the warnings around Spirulina?

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