Posted by Reena Jadhav on 06/08/2017

Dr. Robert Pearl on his new best seller "Mistreated", how to take charge of your health, why our healthcare is broken and how to fix it

Critical information on how to get better healthcare as a consumer including the importance of owning your health and how to pick the right doctor. You don't want to miss this podcast!

Dr. Robert Pearl is the Executive Director and CEO of The Permanente Medical Group.  In this role, he leads the nation's largest medical group with 10,0000 physicians and  is responsible for the health care provided to 5 million Kaiser Permanente members in California, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is the author of the current best seller, Mistreated: Why we think we're getting good health care and why we're usually wrong. You can learn more about his backgound at the end of this article. Listen to the podcast to learn:

1. Why the book is called Mistreated? The personal story that inspired Dr. Pearl to write the book

2. Why is there a perception that we have great healthcare when we live in the reality of a $3 trillion dollar healthcare crisis?

3. How can we consumers demand better healthcare service?

4. Why is it the wrong question to ask, " Who is the best doctor for me?" And what is the right question to ask instead.

5. Which are the best health care systems in America based on successful outcomes and what makes them better than others?

6. Which organizations provide access to data in order to provide information on selecting the right healthcare system

7. Which should you get- laparoscopic surgery or traditional? How many surgeries should he or she have done in order to be experienced enough to have great outcomes?

8. Why Dr. Pearl is a fan of telemedicine and what needs to happen to drive its pervasive adoption?

9. The importance of Comprehensive Electronic Health Records and the severe cost of not having them.

10. What should health care entrepreneurs know about the digital health landscape and where is the opportunity.

11. How can we change physician compensation so it's linked to outcomes? Given the Dollars for Docs report showing correlation between physician compensation and prescriptions for pills, how do we change the prevailing paradigm?

12. Why have Pay for Performance models failed in the past?

And so much more! This is one podcast every American should listen to in order to know the truth about our healthcare system and how to not get mistreated.

More about Dr. Pearl:

Dr. Robert Pearl teaches strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, serves as a clinical professor at the Stanford Medical School and is the chairman of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices, the 28 largest and most successful multi-specialty medical groups in the United States, including the Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Health, Geisenger and Kaiser Permanente. Selected by Modern Health Care  as one of the most influential physician leaders in the nation, Dr. Pearl has taught at the Harvard School of Business, Johns Hopkins and Duke University.  You can connect with Dr. Pearl via Twitter: @RobertPearlMD

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