Posted by Reena Jadhav on 07/19/2017

Preventing Cancer through Diet and Lifestyle with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

Looking for Alternative approaches towards your health? Then this podcast is for you! The founder of Center for New Medicine, Dr. Connealy has evolved the landscape of medicine. In this podcast she discusses to us her new book, The Cancer Revolution, and here are some of the questions she answers!

1. “An Earthquake in your body”, what do you mean by that?

2. What causes cancer? What is the starting point of the war in the body?

3. What’s the quickest and inexpensive way I can alkalize my body?

4. If my body is alkalized, does it mean cancer cannot develop?

5. If I don’t have cancer yet, and I keep my body alkalized, does that mean cancer will not develop? Does cancer need an acidic environment to develop?

6. What are the other contributing factors to cancer?

7. Detoxification: Where are the toxins coming from? What are your top detox therapies?

8. Where do you come out on supplements, specifically on preventing cancer?

9. How can we prevent toxins from getting in us?

10. What is your favorite form of exercise?




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