Posted by Reena Jadhav on 07/03/2017

Proven weight loss with PaleoVedic Diet: Dr. Akil a Harvard and Stanford trained MD on his new book

Can't loose weight despite trendy diets? Is Paleo too restrictive and getting you down? Then this podcast is for you! Dr. Akil is a renowned Harvard trained MD who has created a new diet based on the best of Paleo and Ayurvedic principles that are thousands of years old. We chat about his insights from his book the Paleo Vedic Diet and how its helping thousands lose weight, reverse disease and give boundless energy. Here are some of the questions he answers!

1. Your book Paleo Vedik offers steps to burn fat, increase energy, reverse disease - that sounds like a miracle diet, what is the key insight around which the diet is based?

2. How does it help burn fat and clear out toxins

3. How does it reverse ageing

4. How does it reverse disease

5. What are the three types of body type? How can one tell and why is it important

6. What inspired you to move from pure conventional to an integrative holistic practice

7. Can you share case studies on curing Diabetes, cancer and heart disease

8. Why is Gut illness getting worst? Why in teens?

9. Your protocol for healing gut?

10. His parting advice for great health




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